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“No one ever grew up saying I want to be an insurance agent… but I sure am glad I failed my way into it.”
Scott Griswold, Managing Partner

NSC Agency focuses on empowering and equipping independent agents with all the necessary tools and training to be successful.


Our agents consistently rise above the average industry status quo and prove to be the top 20% of income earners.


For more than a decade, Managing Partner Scott Griswold has been mentoring and training agents in the insurance industry. Having sold at the highest levels himself, he understands what it takes and knows what it feels like to be in the field every day.


NSC Agency has created a reputation for developing some of the best and brightest and most successful agents in the industry.


Our focus has always been agent-driven while operating with absolute professionalism and integrity is essential and is expected not only from the leadership but also from the team.


Every day, we receive calls from individuals across the country looking to join our team. Often they are frustrated that their current career does not meet their needs; those new insurance agents cannot get any support and lack a system to be successful.


At NSC Agency, we want people to plug in and get connected. When you join the team, you will have full access to our cloud-based training platform, CRM with email templates/automation/ calender reminders, our team Slack, home office support, lead system, appointment setter, and a dedicated manager/mentor for every step of your career. Sometimes the only thing a great player needs is to have the right coach and be on a winning team.


Every Monday through Thursday, we start the day with a national conference call. Our call is an excellent time for you to glean information from other top producers around the nation who earn the right to share their secrets to success. Our agents rave about the value and motivation these calls provide.


Regionally, we host quarterly Training Meetings. These meetings are a prime way for you to sharpen your skills and rub shoulders with “The Greats.” The biggest event of the year is our annual National Convention comprising keynote speakers, workshops, fun activities, and the annual golf tournament or like activities. The weekend finishes off giving credit where credit is due with a formal, black-tie Awards Ceremony and Banquet. Our agents will often tell us they came off this event and doubled their average weekly production because of the training and motivation they received.


CLICK HERE to learn about our 2021 NSC Agency Convention 

Within the cloud-based training center, you will also have access to videos, conference calls, and proven training material to help you achieve your goals. Agents often come to us struggling to sell 1-2 policies per week. Once they plug into our system, many find themselves closing 7-10 deals per week — Consistent Income, Short sales Cycles, and Direct Deposits Daily!


Our top leaders have agreed that if an agent cannot make it in our system, they will not make it anywhere. 


Are you tired of feeling like you are both using your friends/family and seeing them run away from you when you come around? When onboarding new agents, many companies ask for a list of friends and family to contact for a presentation. Soliciting your friends and family can be awkward and embarrassing not only for those individuals but also for the new agent.


At NSC Agency, we have developed a better method. Gone are the days where it takes years to build a client base.


Our agents enjoy the ability to see 15-20 new prospects every week – people they have never met, have no relationship with, and are looking for insurance.


We achieve this through our high-level lead system, which consistently produces fresh leads, directly uploaded into our custom CRM built for our agents. Imagine seeing people who know why you are there and want to talk about your product with you – no cold calls! 


Our compensation plans and renewals are incredibly generous with full vesting from the first day you start with us. Renewals are a critical aspect of creating long-term stability and wealth accumulation. Any company that tells you otherwise does not want you to know this and likely will not allow you to earn renewals until working there for years - if at all.


Our agents can help nearly every client they meet due to our strong relationships with almost every top insurance carrier. Getting appointed with those carriers is simple and easy because of our administrative capabilities and technology.

Under the NSC Agency platform, you can build and sell with confidence knowing your future is secure.


A large number of agents are joining the NSC Agency family every year. Because of this, we have arranged special pricing for those looking to obtain their State Life and Health License, saving hundreds of dollars for the new agent.

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