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NSC Agency is Hiring Nationally

Enjoy the satisfaction of helping seniors find the best insurance policy for their needs. Make the money you deserve while working your own schedule and controlling your destiny. 

Ditch Your Job and Gain a Rewarding  and Lucrative Career

Join NSC Agency! Enjoy the satisfaction of helping seniors find the best insurance policy for their needs. Make the money you deserve while working your own schedule and controlling your destiny. 

+ 60% Agent Success Rate!

Leads, Training, Mentoring, and Tools You Need to Succeed!
Earn 6-Figures Your First Year!
NSC Agency Careers

"Working with NSC has been the most incredible and rewarding career move I have ever made."
- NSC Agent

There's Got to Be a Better Way to Succeed

Tired of working hard without the rewards? Weary of bouncing from company to company chasing money and freedom? Feeling discouraged, stuck, and like there’s really “no better job” out there? Frustrated trying to sell without viable leads, training, and support?

Fortunately, there is a better way! We're NSC Agency, created by agents for agents, with a success formula that works! 


Want to earn 6 figures in your first year and have a flexible schedule? Yes, please!

Working in Office

An Agent's Experience
Working with NSC Agency

"Working with NSC has been the most rewarding and incredible career move I have ever made. Because the founders have chosen to prioritize ethics and solid moral principles over anything else, we, as agents, are free to do everything necessary for our clients to have the best and most streamlined experience possible.

The leadership at NSC not only cares about how they do business but about the people & families they're working for. Every time I have needed help with anything, the answer is just a phone call away.

Through their commitment to excellence, this company has been able to develop industry leading strategies, innovative solutions, & the best corporate culture I have ever seen. In addition to this, their can-do attitude has allowed them to make long-lasting, meaningful differences in the lives of their clients and partners.

Caleb S.

Current NSC Agent

Join an Agency that Invests in Your Success


Proven Plug and Play System for Success

We provide everything you need to earn the money you desire.


Commissions Within 24-48* Hours

*Paid on policy approval.

Nothing better like fast cash in your pocket.


30 Day Agent Fast Track to $5,000 AP* Per Week

*Annualized premium. 

Follow our proven process and see success quickly.


Instantly Get Your Client their Best Carrier and Quote

Just input age, RXs, health conditions & history. Instant Quoting Tool with Underwriting scans 20+ major carriers.

No underwriting searches.


Fresh HOT Leads! 
Seniors that Want to Speak to You!

No cold calling! 

In house appointment setters get you in front of new prospects.


No "Office in a Box"

Never miss a sales opportunity with a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) with leads, deal stages, email templates, calendar management and detailed reports.


Gain Confidence with Unparalleled Training

One on one field mentoring and 24/7 Online Training Academy so you hit the ground running. 


Your Renewals Vest Immediately

No waiting period.

You earned your renewals.

You keep them.

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Your Lucrative and Rewarding
Career is Just a Few Clicks Away


Watch this short video to learn the secrets to our success!


Click this link to schedule a 15 minute meet and greet call. 


Enjoy a career you love, earning the money you deserve, working your own schedule.

A Company Culture Designed
to Help Our Agent's Succeed

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"In my prior job, I hated the lack of training and support and being told to make high-pressure, ethically questionable sales to people. NSC Agency is hands down the most ethical company I’ve seen. Loads of quality training and support. 


It’s such a great feeling to have a career where you help people instead of just trying to make sales and that is truly what separates NSC Agency from anything else out there. I’m proud to be part of such an elite team!"


Jared, NSC Agent


"I was looking for more and I found it! I love waking up knowing that my day is what I make of it. We get started hearing enthusiast leaders that help with whatever may be needed. They have knowledge that only comes from working hard and being disciplined individuals. It really shows how much they care with how they train and treat their people. 

I enjoy working along side these amazing people and knowing that I’m helping people as well."

Amber, NSC Agent


Ready to Let Your Efforts Determine Your Success?

Hang with us virtually for 7 days and make sure we're the right fit for one another before you commit. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Meet Our Executive Team


Scott Griswold



Michelle Thompson


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