Good news!

We’re hiring unfulfilled career professionals!

Don’t settle. Imagine earning as much as doctors and lawyers, without stress or long hours!


❌Tired of the grind and not getting paid what you’re worth?
❌Frustrated living paycheck to paycheck and never getting ahead?
❌ Always working while life passes you by?


Wouldn’t you love...


😁Job security in recessionary times?
😁Guaranteed residual income?
😁Potential to earn a 6-figure income in your 1st year?
😁To be paid quickly – money in your account within 24-48 hours?
😁Freedom and flexibility to work your own schedule and enjoy life?
😁Administrative functions and tasks are automatically done for you?
😁Daily appointments set for you?


🚫This is NOT Multi-level marketing. It's a REAL CAREER!

Your leads are people who’ve ASKED to meet with you to talk about what you have.


Seniors who need help protecting their future. Who rely on you to keep them from being taken advantage of by insurance policies that don’t meet their needs.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one.

However, this opportunity isn’t for everyone.

We want people who are willing to follow a proven system, work hard, and be part of a winning team. Is that you?


🔥Imagine working with a company that treats you like family.
🔥With one-on-one coaching to help you succeed.
🔥Unlimited income potential.
🔥Have multiple carriers so you never miss a sales opportunity.

🔥Underwriting App that filters heath conditions and medications for insurance placement.
🔥Growing, modern agency set up for the new economy.
🔥Perks for top performers….like All-expense paid travel incentive trips!


Don’t let the fear of failure continue to hold you back.

We teach you everything you need to be successful and hold your hand while you’re learning and continue to support you throughout your career.


Effort = Success. Greater Effort = Greater Success


About Us:

At NSC Agency we know you want to be successful earning a great income with unlimited potential and the flexibility to work your own schedule.


To do that, you need quality leads, training, mentoring, and the right resources to help you succeed. Unfortunately, most agencies leave you on your own. You try to work family and friends, or stale leads, with no training or coaching, which can make you feel discouraged, alone, and like a failure.


We believe agents deserve an agency that invests in their agents’ success with training and support. We understand your frustration, which is why we developed a proven success system with quality leads, training, coaching, and tools to help agents achieve their dreams.


The most exciting part is that most of our sales system is automated for you!


This means our agents make more money!

In an industry where typically only 1% of agents succeed, 60% of our agents succeed.


Those who don’t succeed either won’t train or don’t want to work.


Our success means we’re growing rapidly, with too many leads and not enough agents to work them.

Your future is calling and it’s everything you ever dreamed it could be.


If you’re tired of the grind and working hard with little to show for it, this opportunity is for you.


👉 Ready? Let’s get started!


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