11 Reasons To Avoid Prepaid Funeral

1. Funeral Directors Can Go Bankrupt Or Embezzle Your Money

2. You Can’t Move Your Prepaid Funeral Plan

3. Federal Trade Commission Warns That Some States Offer No Protection

4. Often You Can’t Make Any Changes To Your Prepaid Plan

5. Prepaid Funerals Don’t Guarantee Coverage For Future Costs

6. You Are Tying Up Funds & The Funeral Home Benefits

7. The Funeral Home Is Your Beneficiary

8. Funeral Directors Say Pre-Plan, Don’t Pre-Pay

9. No Guarantees In The Prepaid Funeral Plan Business

10. You Might Need A Lawyer To Understand The Contract

11. Possibility Of No Refunds

Is there a Better Alternative? YES! Final Expense Insurance

1. It Funds Funeral Costs

2. It Aids With Medical Bills

3. Financial Support for Loved Ones

4. Personal Loan Money

5. You Can Take Control of Planning Your Funeral

6. It Can Serve as a Gift

7. To Pay for Estate Taxes

8. Applying For a Policy is Easy


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